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Birthdate:Oct 3
My beautiful Buffy the Vampire Slayer mood theme is courtesy of [info]simplystated. The header is created by [info]noelia_g and the layout was modified with [info]magdalith's help.

I'm 29, live in Poland, and watch too much TV for my own good.

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agatha christie, al pacino, alexis denisof, amanda palmer, american gods, andrzej sapkowski, angel, angels, angels in america, angst, antagonizing people, arrested development, bat for lashes, battlestar galactica, being a special snowflake, being fabulous, bones, books, bree van de kamp, british english, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/faith, buffyverse, but i'm a cheerleader, c.s.i., canon draco, castiel, catholicism is my meta-narrative, christianity, creative writing, crossovers, damages, david bowie, denial as hobby, desperate housewives, discworld, distrust of meta-narratives, doctor who, draco malfoy, eliot, eliza dushku, english, english grammar, fallogocentryzm heteronormatywnej matrycy, fanfic, fanfiction, felix gaeta, feminism, femmeslash, fiona apple, firefly, fitz/fool, friends, gaius baltar, gender, george r. r. martin, gil grissom, gone with the wind, good t.v., gossip girl, graphic novels, grey's anatomy, grochowiak, guy gavriel kay, harry potter, hercule poirot, hermione granger, heroes, hg/ss, house md, how i met your mother, hp, hp fanfic, hugh laurie, ice and fire, illyria, iraqis, james marsters, jeanette winterson, jedzenie naleśników, joss whedon, judith butler, kate bush, kupowanie ubrań, ladytron, law & order: svu, law and order svu, literary theory, literature, lj icons, logan echolls, lost, lucius malfoy, lucius/hermione, malowanie paznokci, margaret atwood, meta, metanarratives, moby, monk, movies, music, myths, narnia, neil gaiman, nick cave, niemieckie cizie u cohena, original fiction, patrick wolf, pj harvey, placebo, poland, polish, politics, postmodernism, procrastinating, radiohead, reading, regina spektor, richelieu, rincewind, robin hobb, samuel vimes, sandman, sansa stark, sayid, sayid/ana lucia, sea, severus snape, shannon/boone, shoes, six feet under, six's skanky zealotry, slash, sleeping until noon, spanie do południa, spike, ss/hg, stories, subtext, subversion, tea with milk, television, terminator: sarah connor chronicles, terminator: the sarah connor chronicles, terry pratchett, the beatles, the colbert report, the cranberries, the cult of me, the daily show, the smiths, the twilight singers, torchwood, tori amos, unpacking assumptions, veronica mars, vetinari, wesley wyndam-pryce, winter sucks, woody allen, writing
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