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The end of Women Love Fest is upon us, and I’m woefully behind, predictably enough.

For today, a short-ish update on the subject of endings. Mildly spoiler-ish for the plots of BSG and A Song of Ice and Fire [that’s the title of the series, not GoT!].

how their stories should end in the source text )

What about your dream endings for these characters (or for other ones as well)?
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W dniu dzisiejszym wrzucam fragmeny niezatytułowanego dotąd crack-fika do Pieśni lodu i ognia. Fik ten jest AU, spoilery (w tym fragmencie) do trzeciego tomu włącznie, w całym fiku do piątego.

Wszystko w ramach [ profile] womenlovefest.

Kontekst: Myrcella bierze ślub z Edrikiem Daynem. Matka i żona dziadka wpadają z wizytą.

Gdybyś rzeczywiście wiedziała wszystko, to nie marnowałabyś swojego życia z jakimś tam mężczyzną. )
novin_ha: Buffy: gotta be a sacrifice ([got] cersei)
A part of this great fandom initiative [ profile] womenlovefest. A short meta about Cersei Lannister, specific spoilers as of book one, more generally spoiler-ish about her portrayal in general (although no specifics are provided about events later than GoT finale).

[Note: arguments about whether or not I'm right in my subjective views on the character, as well as disagreement about Cersei's character, is not welcome here right now. This is a squee post (even though it's in the form of an opinion piece) meant to celebrate and while I welcome debate in general (I thrive on polite confrontation until I get all stressed out) this is not the appropriate time and place.]

Cersei Lannister )


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