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The end of Women Love Fest is upon us, and I’m woefully behind, predictably enough.

For today, a short-ish update on the subject of endings. Mildly spoiler-ish for the plots of BSG and A Song of Ice and Fire [that’s the title of the series, not GoT!].

Roslin: the Final Chapter

We’ve already seen the end of original Battlestar Galactica and while new instalments in the ‘verse are in the works, they likely won’t shed new light on Laura Roslin, whose story apparently finishes on New Old New Old Earth (or whatever Earth it is), which she does reach (despite the prophecy’s wording) and where she dies.

And to me, her death is far from the most problematic thing about the end of her subplot. I mean, I did find her prolonged dying to be at times a far-from-enjoyable narrative device, but it’s the out-of-character (as I see it) behaviour that I find most objectionable.

In my perfect world:
1) Roslin doesn’t fall in love and end up with Adama. Not just because I dislike him as a character, but because Laura is awesome as a politician, leader, a woman with a past. She doesn’t need to be ‘humanized’ by a heterosexual longing and settling down. She certainly doesn’t need to give up on her career and choose! love!
2) She doesn’t suddenly give up and run around pointlessly.
3) If she does have a romantic relationship, it’s either with a younger man she mentors, or with D’Anna.
4) Is instrumental in not allowing humanity to go through with this idiotic ‘abandon technology’ plan.

Cersei’s Last POV

What’s been happening to Cersei throughout the series (and especially in the last two books) is abhorrent. At the same time, chances are, we won’t get to see her last days, because who knows if Martin will publish the next book. That said, there is a couple of things I’d like to see Cersei do.

1) Have a successful reign. For a week. For a few days. See her make some savvy political decisions I’m sure she must be capable of.
2) A squaring off with Jaime. I find his self-righteous indignation to be completely grating, and I’d really like to have some closure regarding their relationship. She did technically cheat on him. However, if we compare how trapped she was at the time, and the fact that she used sex as a weapon… I find it hard to consider it cheating.
3) She gets some peace from the fear :|
4) She has sex with someone other than Jaime and enjoys it. I mean, it was so sad when she went lesbian and there was no joy :|
5) Preferably a threesome with Oberyn and Ellaria.
6) Or gets married to Willas and lives the rest of her life happily scheming away.

What about your dream endings for these characters (or for other ones as well)?

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Date: 2011-09-15 09:25 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ech, Roslin i 4 sezon.

Cersei /o\

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Date: 2011-09-23 12:34 pm (UTC)
girlupnorth: (closer: when I am through with you)
From: [personal profile] girlupnorth
I have to say that while in Laura Roslin's case it's relatively easy to tell what could make her characterisation better (no season 4.5, no Adama), untangling Cersei is much more complicated. Until you realize that she was alright until the double-decker feast of shit that was AFFC and ADWD. Simply put: in AFFC, Cersei should have been a relatively competent ruler. She wouldn't need to be the best, the most efficient or the most cunning, but it's ridiculous just how stupid we are supposed to believe her to be. No half-baked plots to overthrow Margaery or whatever else she was plotting about, just regular reigning. Maybe get Kevan to help her out. Maybe try to get friendly with Margaery. That would be the smartest thing to do - but obviously unattainable in the Martin world of WOMEN HATE EACH OTHER UNLESS MAYBE WHEN THEY ARE MOTHER AND DAUGHTER*.

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Date: 2011-09-23 12:39 pm (UTC)
girlupnorth: (varia: an awfully real gun)
From: [personal profile] girlupnorth
(*Which is kinda strange given the rest of his gender politics. Sisters (Lysa and Catelyn, Sansa and Arya) are shown to hate each other, of course no friendships between equals are possible. Daenerys' handmaids seem to like her, but they have to, right? Cersei used to have some nice maternal moments with Sansa, but of course she was evil and manipulative then. Mothers and daughters, though, are the only beacon of light: see also, Catelyn Stark and Sansa. It's... bemusing.)


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