May. 1st, 2017

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I should probably try to post more generally, but I've been promising myself to do a book post for a while now. "I'll do it at the end of the first quarter" - never happened. "I'll do it when I finish Vorkosigans" - see above. Well, it's May Day, let's give the labours of the mind and imagination the steering wheel and celebrate the first four months in books.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my reading so far this year. It's been very satisfying and I'm at a much better place, numbers-wise, than I was this time last year. I'm also pretty happy with the quality of the books so far: no utter fails, and only a few middle-of-the-road books.

All of the books, all of the books below.

Read more... )Currently reading: Tessa Dare's Any Duchess Will Do, Jo Walton's What Makes This Book So Great, and I've started Karen Joy Fowler's Sarah Canary, but I'm only at the beginning so far.

I'm also lazily and slowly reading assorted Hugo & Nebula-nominees and winners starting from 1986 (using my birth year for a convenient cut-off point) and I might post about how that's going at some later point. There's no particular goal to it, like "get to 50%!", just using it as a source of ideas for books to read; still, it's fun crossing books off.


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